Haiti and its beauty

Affordable Construction

  • ​Building schools, houses, health clinics, public restrooms and more with PET Bottle building methods to reduce cost, recycle plastic, and offer a fireproof, earthquake-proof, waterproof, bulletproof structure that is safe for all it provides shelter for.

  • Replacing conventional baked bricks with those made from discarded PET bottles filled with waste mud/sand

  • Replacing the steel conventionally used to reinforce concrete slabs with Nylon cord




  • TIMOUN AKOUNOUKA, which is a kids' club that focuses on hands-on STEAM activities to encourage the youth to explore possibilities

  • AKOUNOUKA PWOGRAM NASYONAL ALFABETIZASYON (APNA), Literacy Program to help all Haitians read and write Haitian Creole through a 4 week learning curriculum developed by AKOUNOUKA

  • Conversational English classes using a curriculum developed by AKOUNOUKA 


  • CPR Training

  • First Aid and First Response Clinic

  • Community healthcare education meetings to provide preventative health knowledge


  • Agricultural partnerships and subsidies for local farmers

  • Community planting of fruit-bearing trees

  • Meal provisions for all hands assisting in projects within the community


  • Waste management and recycling

  • Awareness programs


  • Solar Mountain Project

  • Community Road Improvements

  • Water purification and recycling