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Training one person
in life-saving
CPR and Choke Rescue Knowledge

is less than $1

and has the potential to save innumerable lives

AKOUNOUKA initiated the first ever FREE CPR and Choke Rescue Training program in Haiti as a response to multiple casualties associated with emergency situations that had transpired on the island without a rapid response from the limited emergency services available. Due to widespread poverty and a lack of community resources which makes services like EMT, Fire Rescue and Ambulatory Care virtually non-existent, the response times for emergency calls can range from hours to days, leaving people in distressed situations at the mercy of their neighbors. As a result, their hopes of survival are linked directly to their neighbor's level of life-saving knowledge. In the words of one community member, at the very moment his father had unexpectedly passed away,

"CPR? That is for the movies. They don't know that here."


Our neighbors need this knowledge because their neighbors depend on it. As a result, AKOUNOUKA has commissioned its CPR Missionaries and are continually equipping them to go the distance into cities, mountains, villages, islands and beyond until one day, Haiti is covered with the knowledge, until every Haitian on the island has received the good news that CPR is not just for movies, it's for them, their parent, their child, their friend, their brother, their sister, their grandparents, their neighbor!

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