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Kids are the future of a society - this is why a critical program of AKOUNOUKA is the Kids Club. AKOUNOUKA teaches the youth to problem solve for their community through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics projects. In a community that has never had electricity, running water, waste management systems, or even a bathroom, the kids are taking fun to the next level by applying themselves to bring solutions. 

Some of the projects they have completed are making a steam engine out of a coke can, building a PVC shower stall for the community, making their own light bulb out of lead and batteries, constructing cardboard housing as a part of design, making a guitar, building a bird trap, a seed-planting machine, their own project table, PVC soccer goals, a spaghetti bridge, battery powered fan from plastic bottles, a weather vane, heron's fountain, a robotic hand, and so much more...

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