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In the mountain communities AKOUNOUKA serves, people lack the very basics, and this is especially true in relation to medical care. In particular, this community is over a one-hour hike from the road, which then requires at least a 30-minute drive to reach medical services. For a small child with fever, or an elderly person with a skin rash, not only do they lack means to pay for the medical services, but the journey is complex. This often leaves community members suffering in pain because of the distance. Having OTC medicines available for those in need is important on so many levels. For example, if someone is experiencing chest pain, being able to give aspirin to stave off a heart attack can give time for the individual to reach a hospital. 

In addition, there are two common illnesses that often go undetected throughout Haiti - high blood sugar and high blood pressure. AKOUNOUKA's free clinic monitors members of the community by checking their vitals and blood sugar to help prevent severe medical conditions from arising by educating those at risk on how to adjust their diets to reduce the possibilities of developing diabetes or having a heart attack. 

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