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Haiti and its beauty

The Seed Inside You

Take a look at the picture below.

The glass on the left holds 88 seeds. We collected those seeds from three kowosòl fruits. The glass on the right holds 115 seeds. This was collected from only one kowosòl fruit.

Each of us are like a fruit holding seeds inside to plant. We are unique, and in our unicity, we do not all contain the same number of seeds. But while you look at those two glasses, understand that the one that was given 115 seeds, if they were thrown away, and not planted, would not produce a single other fruit or tree. Its life would stop there. But one of the smaller fruits [which had only 26 seeds], if all its seeds were planted, would produce thousands of new fruits, each containing its own set of seeds.

If you are always looking at the fact that others have more than you, you will always have excuse not to plant your seeds. You must shape your mind according to the law of the seed. Each seed is designed to repoduce exponentially. As long as you are alive, you hold a seed inside of you. Plant it!

AKOUNOUKA may not have the most means, but we are planting with what we have been given. We are committed to planting the seed of love, the seed of dignity, the seed of hope, the seed of unity, the seed of compassion and the seed of light in all communities we serve, in all people we cross paths with. We will continue to work beyond our means, stretching our limits, extending our hands outside of our comfort zones.

If you do not see trees in bloom around you, you aren't planting your seed. If you are planting your seed and it isn't growing, check your environment. Only few seeds can grow in a hostile environment. Take the Kowosòl tree, for example, it cannot survive in a cold climate. Even in Florida, without external forces taking measures to protect it, it will die from the cold. This is why this fruit in particular is very rare in many parts of the world. But in Haiti, they abound.

What seed do you have to plant in the world? AKOUNOUKA wants to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and plant your seeds of love and knowledge in the lives that are ready to receive it! And give of yourself, invest yourself in others so that your yield will be plentiful.

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