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Water Safety Project 

Haiti, the Western side of Hispaniola, has the privilege of being the home to several islands and 1,100 miles of coastline, giving the ocean a significant presence in the lives of Haitians. However, Haitians have suffered countless unfortunate incidents at sea that have claimed numerous lives for lack of basic water safety knowledge and training. 

Most recently, on August 19, 2020, Cancelita, a passenger boat like the one pictured above, capsized between Saint Louis du Nord and Ile-de-la-Tortue while carrying around 30 passengers. The tragedy claimed the lives of at least 17 people, many being women and children. Just two years earlier, the same tragedy happened killing at least 12 people. When the boat sank, it was not far from shore, but the people lacked life vests, and did not know how to swim. 

AKOUNOUKA wants to change the outcome of this far-too-common occurrence by initiating a Water Safety Project to provide personal floatation devices, swimming lessons and CPR training classes. With your help, we can save lives, we can educate communities, we can raise awareness of water safety knowledge. 


 - National School of Raymond -

PET Bottle School Building Project 

AKOUNOUKA had an encounter while on an outing in the middle of October, 2020, where a group of school children approached us. After a small chat, they left and returned with their school director (read the full story on our blog). After further outreach and communication regarding the children's school, AKOUNOUKA discovered that the school building which is used to educate 100 children from the community is little more than a structure similar to a pole barn. (school is pictured above) 

A major focus of AKOUNOUKA is transforming communities through affordable PET Bottle Brick construction. This method of building is not only affordable, but environmentally sound, fireproof, earthquake-proof, waterproof and bulletproof. Upon our discovery of the conditions in which the children are learning, it has become the focal point of AKOUNOUKA to build a new PET Bottle school for the National School of Raymond, an elementary school for Kindergarten - 6th Grade. In addition, once construction is complete, we would like to stock the classrooms with furniture and supplies to create a healthy environment for learning. 



AKOUNOUKA is preparing to launch TIMOUN AKOUNOUKA, which is a kids club that will use hands-on activities to teach and cultivate ingenuity in the youth. The youth are the future, and the future of Haiti cannot look like the past 100 years. AKOUNOUKA wants to change Haiti's future, and the way to do this is to reach the youth, teach the youth, beseech the youth. 

Through TIMOUN AKOUNOUKA, we will provide extracurricular activities that involve STEAM learning - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and encourage them to explore all possibilities with an open mind.