Haiti and its beauty




Since December 2020, AKOUNOUKA has made it a mission to spread CPR knowledge to the masses throughout Haiti. In a country with little access to Emergency Response Services, senseless loss of life has become a regular observance due to the lack of life-saving knowledge.

With this constant challenge for communities that have difficulty reaching medical assistance in the midst of crises, AKOUNOUKA has taken on the goal of training any and every person who desires to learn CPR and Choke Rescue, in order to reduce the number of casualties in times of crisis. 

With that goal in mind, AKOUNOUKA has trained, assembled and equipped CPR trainers with the knowledge and tools necessary to relay this critical information through seminars throughout Northern Haiti. School staff and students, church pastors and congregations, university students and more continue to receive training in CPR and Choke Rescue completely free through this program. 

It was only a matter of time before reports were being submitted that many participants of those seminars have been able to use and apply the knowledge to avoid loss of life within their communities.

With continued support, we desire to eventually stretch this information from coast to coast in Haiti. We have been contacted by several communities and even radio stations who desire to bring the knowledge into their areas. 



Haiti is a beautiful island - clear blue waters, remarkable mountains, sandy beaches and a pleasurable climate. However, the streets and coastlines are cluttered with garbage solely because the resources are lacking to provide proper waste management in communities. Lack of garbage trucks, destroyed roads, no major public effort to provide residents with designated places to dispose of trash, few landfills, all play a role in the tragedy of environmental destruction throughout Haiti.

AKOUNOUKA is aiming to tackle some of the issue through environmental clean-up programs, where our team assembles to remove plastic bottles from the streets and coasts, in order to supply our PET bottle construction. This program is highly important not only for the environment but for the community, and has seen a positive response from locals who are curious to know what we are doing with all those bottles. We have successfully removed over 50,000 plastic bottles in our first year of the program. Find out how you can help us expand this program.



In remote communities, a minor emergency can quickly turn into a crisis. Chest pain can become a deadly heart attack, a fever may develop into a seizure. Lack of basic essentials such as children's fever reducer or adult aspirins can mean the difference in life or death. Monitoring and understanding blood pressure and glucose levels can be detrimental in preventative healthcare. 

Any of these basic medical aids requires an hour and half walk to the nearest form of transportation, and then a drive to a hospital that may charge fees that remote residents are unable to pay can exacerbate the situation. 

AKOUNOUKA has responded to this dilemma by preparing and shipping and emergency first aid kit, loaded with supplies to assist in times of urgent need, so locals can find the assistance they need directly within their community, along with trained medical aides who will reside in the community. We hope this program can be a light in the difficult times and develop into a sustainable community service as the benefits are seen. 


 - National School of Raymond -

PET Bottle School Building Project 

AKOUNOUKA had an encounter while on an outing in the middle of October, 2020, where a group of school children approached us. After a small chat, they left and returned with their school director (read the full story on our blog). After further outreach and communication regarding the children's school, AKOUNOUKA discovered that the school building which is used to educate 100 children from the community is little more than a structure similar to a pole barn. (school is pictured above) 

A major focus of AKOUNOUKA is transforming communities through affordable PET Bottle Brick construction. This method of building is not only affordable, but environmentally sound, fireproof, earthquake-proof, waterproof and bulletproof. Upon our discovery of the conditions in which the children are learning, it has become the focal point of AKOUNOUKA to build a new PET Bottle school for the National School of Raymond, an elementary school for Kindergarten - 6th Grade. In addition, once construction is complete, we would like to stock the classrooms with furniture and supplies to create a healthy environment for learning. 

See the progress of the PET Bottle School and learn more about how you can help us finish it!



The future is in the children. Haiti's future can only be brighter with strong investment in the development of Haiti's youth. TIMOUN AKOUNOUKA is a program that aims to do just that investing in the children to inspire them to reach beyond the limits that society has set for them through STEAM






This program has become an important part of the work we are doing in Northern Haiti. We currently have one kids' club operating in a remote community, and the feedback from parents and youth alike is remarkable. The children have begun to realize their own potential in STEAM through hands-on activities that explore development and problem-solving. 

Check out some of the projects they have completed thus far!



AKOUNOUKA has developed a literacy program in response to the need for adult literacy within the communities we serve. Many adults in remote locations are unable to read or write Haitian Kreyol. This hinders the ability for them to develop within their community, and furthermore prevents them from assisting in the development of their community. Unlocking the potential within the community must consist of healing the blindness of illiteracy. Thus, we have developed a pilot program for training adults to write and read in Kreyol in 30 - 45 days. The response from the participants is that of excitement and desire to have their eyes opened to the written world. History unwritten is history forgotten, but Haitians' history deserves to be told by Haitians. Find out more about this program and how you can heal the blindness of illiteracy with AKOUNOUKA.