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With a majority of drinkable water in the cities of Haiti being sold in some sort of plastic container, as well as a strong presence of the beverage industry and its plastic bottles, it is no surprise that most of those bottles end up in the streets, beaches and canals. This is especially amplified by the lack of structured waste management systems present on the island. 

As a response to this non-biodegradable nuisance, AKOUNOUKA coordinates environmental clean-up initiatives with the help of committed volunteers who have been spending two years recycling plastic bottles. This team's commitment to this on-going project has led to the removal of over 150,000 plastic bottles. When interviewed, the volunteers have expressed that there is never a lack of bottles to collect - they have no difficulty in finding them. Additionally, they have a strong desire to continue this work on a larger scale. 

The vision of AKOUNOUKA is to create a network of collection services where residents bring the plastic bottles to a drop-off location rather than disposing of them in the streets. 

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